Should Aspiring Actors go to Acting Schools & Classes?

For those who are aspiring actors, going to acting classes can have tremendous benefits in getting better at your craft. Acting classes can help you relieve stress, develop self-confidence, and enhance your communication skills. According to this article about the biggest mistakes that beginner actors make, not taking professional classes is one of them.

One thing you’ll learn is how to communicate with others far more effectively. It’s one thing to memorize lines and recite them, but for any scene to spark or sizzle, there has to be genuine chemistry between the actors and not just the charisma of one of them. That requires actual communication skills and not just reciting lines at one another.

You’ll also get a lot more comfortable and confident in your own body. As much as two-thirds of communication is body language, so being able to express emotions with your body as well as with your voice is what will make you a great actor. You’ll also eliminate body tics that you might do when you feel uncomfortable, which can happen on stage or in front of a camera when you’re supposed to deliver for an audience while also pretending they’re not even there.

Here are some acting tips from renowned actors:

Learning this art of creative expression will help unwind and de-stress. When you get on-stage, you’ll have to let your day go and your mind settle. Any daily baggage needs to be dropped so that you can access your whole range of emotions. You’ll need to be able to quickly tap into passionate feelings like yearning, shame, love, hatred, despair, and anger. Starting actors can’t do this so well, but eventually, acting classes might make you come up with your own monologue, and you’ll have to write it and feel it at the same time.

You’ll also just meet a bunch of new people. Many of them will just become friends, but others might wind up being professional contacts you can network with. You never know when a director might swing by looking for unknown and new talent, or even if the class teachers or coaches are looking for anyone for their own productions. You might even get together with some of them to do your own productions.

It might also be worth considering attending a full-time acting course  if you are serious about your career. Acting Performance Studio is an acting school in Melbourne worth checking out:

On top of that, if that particular class or school has any successful graduates, they might return from time to time. Meeting them can be a great way to learn from successful professionals or even get a boost in your own career and recognition. Who you know matters quite a bit in any industry and this one is no different. A good personal connection can turn into your overnight success story or lucky break down the road, so long as they know you are the real deal. That’s easier to accomplish if you came from the same school or teacher that they did. In fact, child acting classes also work the same way.

If you’re thinking about acting as a serious career choice, then consider one of these acting / drama schools:

It’s great to do things like community theater or work individually with an acting coach, but there are benefits from attending group acting classes too. Now that you know what some of them are, you can decide for yourself if they’re something you’d like to enjoy yourself as you explore your passion and creative side.