Ready, Aim, Shoot: 5 Tips For Creating Professionally-Polished Videos, Even On The First Try

Whether you’re going to film your best friend’s wedding or need to make a video promoting your new business, you want professional results, even if you don’t have a lot of experience in shooting, producing or editing the film. These days, someone with a cell phone and a little creative inclination can produce a world-famous, viral video, so whatever your intentions, there’s no reason not to end up with professionally-polished results people will love to share.

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1. Pay Close Attention To The Lighting Conditions, Indoors And Out

Lighting is something very likely to reveal your amateur status if you’re not careful. Indoors, your video may end up looking too dark; thus, you either have to use the natural lighting available or add your professional lighting touches with additional equipment, such as a dimmable, bi-colour video light kit with a stand. Lighting direction, intensity, quality, source and contrast ratios are all highly important variables in the end-quality of your corporate video productions.

Outdoors, you always want to work with the sun behind you, unless you intend to produce silhouettes of the subject you’re shooting. Equipment is sometimes needed outside, too, especially if you’re aiming for a certain effect or mood.

2. Keep Your Focus Clean And Simple, Especially As A Beginning Videographer

While you may feel tempted to utilize all of the options on your recording equipment, such as zoom and pan, it’s best to keep your filming simple, focusing on the content of your creation, instead. Eventually, when you have more experience or if the occasion calls for it, zooming, panning and including panoramic shots may be appropriate; however, when they’re used simply for the sake of using them, the result is most often gimmicky and unprofessional.

3. Imagine How Your Audience Will See The Film

The best photographers have a knack to visualize what their audience will see with intuitive precision. Hone your skills by prepping a shot, picturing what it will look like, then taking it and comparing it to what you saw in your mind’s eye. Does the result give the exact feeling you were looking for? Did you capture a mood or reveal a poignancy with your picture? Even if you’re strictly filming video, practising the imagery will give you greater insight and help you understand how the audience will eventually perceive your creation.

4. Plan Your Productions, But Don’t Be Afraid Of Spontaneity

Sound and direction are vital to production; hence, you need constant control over sound quality, including how a moving subject’s voice will change and how surrounding acoustics may affect sound, along with knowing who will be going where and what they’ll be doing next, but that doesn’t mean spontaneity can’t come into play. A sudden burst of laughter, distant sirens or a diving crow in the background can all add amazing realism or otherwise contribute to the atmosphere.

Here’s the tips on how to make a business video more interesting. Watch now.

5. Edit Like A Pro, Even If You’re On A Budget

Your post-production editing is just as important, sometimes more so than what you do during the shoot. Consider inexpensive, easy-to-use editing software and tools, like green-screen chroma-key, animation keyframing a timeline editor and more, all of which will help you put together a finished product to rival a real Hollywood production. Editing effects can change nearly everything about a film, from removing poor shots and improving sound quality to adding humour and marketing text, satisfying nearly any post-production goal you have in mind.

It doesn’t take a lot of training, talent or expensive equipment to produce great video; however, it does help to know a few industry secrets and to have a good idea of what you want your end product to look like. Practice, prepare and keep reminding yourself of the production tips that will help you create an outstanding film. Be it a wedding, instructional or promotional video, there’s no limit to what you can make or how much talent you can foster from yourself.